Medicare Advantage Plans, What must I know?

Medicare Advantage Plans also include the Medical Savings Account referred to as MSA plans. Here in this plan, there is a combination with bank account as high-deductible health plan. MSA plans do not provide Medicare drug coverage, but you are given money for your health care services. In case you need coverage for drugs, join Medicare Prescription Drug plan.  To explore Medicare Supplement Plans go here:

Who can join?

People having Parts A and B Medicare and are surviving in the service area of the plan are considered to be eligible to join.  Generally, people suffering with crucial ailments such as permanent kidney failure cannot join Medicare Advantage plans.

Cost of Medicare Advantage Plans

Apart from the premium of Part B, you have to pay premium every month for the services that are inclusive in the plan of Medicare Advantage. Of course, the premiums are different with ach plan and so the services cost also vary. Thus, it is very important for an individual to compare the plans, understand the costs of each plan and its benefits before joining.

Cover of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans offer coverage for all of the Original Medicare services cover, but for the hospice care. Traditional Medicare wrap hospice care, despite that you have Medicare Advantage Plan.  However with Medicare Advantage Plans, you always have cover for urgent and emergency care.  Medicare Advantage Plans are expected to provide emergency coverage even out of the service area, not outside the United States. The Advantage plans provide extra benefits including the wellness programs, eyeglasses or dental care. The Medicare Advantage plans also offer prescription drug coverage. Conversely, apart from the premium you pay for Part B, You should pay a monthly premium for the plan coverage and prescription drug cover.

Remember, the plan benefits of Medicare Advantage keep on changing with each year, so ensure to comprehend the plans before joining. Yet, a few valuable aspects to know include:

  • Visiting a health care provider, a doctor or a facility within the network of the plan get you covered and you spend less.
  • Follow the rules of the plan by seeing a specialist with a referral so that it is in the network of the plan.
  • Joining or leaving a provider anytime is acceptable. Changing network providers anytime is acceptable, provided you choose a new provider.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans have annual limit on spending from your pocket as additional costs. On reaching the limit, you need not pay for the covered services. Check with the plan and know the limit.